Friday, May 30, 2008

What is this?

Hello. Welcome to your blog.

Yes, you read it right. This is your blog. Mainly because the ultimate purpose of this site is for you to see Cebu City in a more personal light through a girl who has spent all 25 years of her life in this island.

You can know Cebu through here, or even more interestingly, here, and in over a hundred
websites and blogs that promises you how it is one of the most beautiful (and livable) cities in the world. This modest blog will try to join the fold because I believe that there will never be enough words and pictures and feelings to describe this magnificent place.

Never enough.

As Cebu progresses with time, the people here come and go. I am blessed to be one of those who had the chance to remain. My sister who is now living in Switzerland always affirms me that the Cebuanos (local people) are lucky.

I wholeheartedly agree.

With this luck and blessing, a question came to mind.
If I would make another blog, what would it be about? Who would it be for?

Immediately then came the answers:

It would be about the place that I knew best, for the people who love it and to those who are about to fall in love with it. It would be about everything that makes Cebu City the Queen City of the South. The streets, the waters, the modes of getting to these points, the simplicity and non-complexity of the lifestyle, the days and the nights and yes! The people! And how could I possible forget.. . the food!

This is your vehicle. Hop in for a ride!

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